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Chicano Park Steering Committee Remembers and Celebrates

Jose Gomez - resident of Barrio Logan and one of the leaders of the struggle to create and preserve Chicano Park died in January, 1985.
Laura Rodriguez - elder and barrio resident also involved in the struggle to gain Chicano Park passed away in 1994.
And those who participated in the takeover of the park:
Mario "Torero" Acevedo - takeover, artist muralist
Felipe Adame - takeover, City College student, artist muralist
Alurista - takeover, poet, writer, teacher
Gabby Alvarez - takeover, Brown Beret, deceased 1979
Mike Amador - supported takevover, market business owner
Guillermo Aranda - takeover, artist, co-founder Centro Cultural de la Raza
Angie Avila - supported takeover, staff Neighborhood House- "insider"
Cesar Barajas - takeover, resident, "hellraiser"
Gloria Bartlett - takeover, City College student
Oscar Borrego - supported takeover, Neighborhood House staff
Father Brown - supported takeover
Brown Berets - takeover
Rico Bueno - takeover, City College student, former chair CPSC - 1972, designed logo
Ernesto Bustillos - takeover, San Diego High School student, deceased 2012
Tomasa "Tommie" Camarillo - takeover, resident, activist (presently chair, CPSC)
Tomas "Coyote" Castañeda - takeover, artist, organizer
Father Chavez - supported takeover
Anastacia and Alfredo Cortez - takeover, barrio residents, (Alfredo is deceased)
Felipe Esparza - takeover, City College student
Mr. Estupion - supported takeover, former Vice Principal San Diego High School
Rosario Gallardo - takeover, barrio resident
Carlos Garcia - student
Manuel Garcia - resident
Ralph "Holy Mole" Gomez - takeover, Vietnam vet, brother of Jose Gomez
Richard Gomez - takeover, City College student
Alejandro Gonzalez - supported takeover, welfare rights organizer
Richard Gonzalez - supported takeover, former director Chicano Federation
Stevie Guttierez - takeover, SDSU student, Brown Beret
Maria Guadalupe Guzman - takeover, barrio resident
Max Hernandez - supported takeover, former chair Chicano Federation
Jesus Hueso - supported takeover, coordinated Head Start Program
Father Juan Hurtado - supported takeover, blessed the park
Marta Hurtado - takeover, resident, first group of strikers in the park
Margarita & Juan "Chiquis" Ledesma - takeover, planting, barrio residents
Tony Leyva - takeover, Brown Beret
Joe Loder - takeover, City College student
Carmen Lopez - supported takeover, staff of Planned Parenthood
Ronnie Lopez - takeover, City College student
Irene Mena - takeover, resident, activist, Brown Beret, elder
Gracia Molina de Pick - SDSU professor, took tools & students to the park
M.E.Ch.A./M.A.Y.A. (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano en Aztlán/Mexican American Youth Association) chapters - takeover and supporters
Mike Nava - takeover, former chair, Brown Berets, co-chair of CPSC, 1972
Rosa Olga Navarro - takeover, City College student
Victor Ochoa - takeover, artist, muralist, co-founder Centro Cultural de la Raza
Nano and Connie Ojeda - supported takeover, Nando worked for Neighborhood House
Joe "Kiki" Ortega - takeover, Brown Berets
Horacio Osuna - takeover, Brown Berets
Abran Quevedo - takeover, artist
Octaviano Quintero - takeover, Brown Berets, member CPSC, Jose Gomez Brigade
Jessie Ramirez - supported takeover, former director Chicano Federation
Gil Robledo - supported takeover, Chicano Studies teacher whose class included Josie Talamantez, Rico Bueno, David Rico and others central to the takeover of the Park
Graciela Romero - barrio resident supported takeover
Guillermo Rosete - takeover, artist, activist
Gloria Sanchez - supported takeover, worked at Neighborhood House (now Logan Clinic)
Pedro Sanchez - supported takeover, now a Catholic priest
David Savage - takeover - Brown Beret
Mario Solis - takeover, "Paul Revere" of Chicano Park, City College student, deceased
Joe Suarez - takeover, resident, former chair CPSC
Josie Talamantez - takeover, activist, resident, City College student
Salvador "Queso" Torres - takeover, artist, muralist, concept of public murals on pillars
Ronnie Trujillo - takeover, City College student
Charlene "Güera" Valencia - takeover, supporter
Rigoberto Vendiola - takeover, Brown Beret
...and the many others who have been forgotten.

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