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The CPSC is a grassroots organization comprised of individuals who volunteer their time and energy to ensure that the original stated goals of the development and expansion of Chicano Park "all the way to the bay" are never forgotten or abandoned.

When we established ourselves in April of 1970 the CPSC's stated objective was, "To oversee (on behalf of the community) the continuing development and expansion of the Chicano Park and to insure that the park would be developed in a Chicano/Mexicano/Indigenous style." One of the original goals of the Chicano Park and the CPSC was to transform the cold grey concrete and rock-hard dirt that once dominated the site into a glorious thing of beauty that would mirror and showcase the beauty, culture and spirit of the Chicano people. Today the murals in Chicano Park are world-famous and constitute (along with various sculptures) the world's largest outdoor art gallery.

Another of the original stated goals/objectives of the CPSC is to keep alive the concept of "Chicano Park all the way to the bay." One of the loudest and most adamant declarations of April 22,1970 was that some day Chicano Park would stretch all the way to the bay. Some day it would be possible to walk from the edge of Interstate 5 to the San Diego Bay with out ever leaving the park. In 1987 the CPSC, with the support of the Barrio Caucus and the California State Legislature, was finally successful in getting the California Coastal Commission to vote in favor of developing the land at the foot of Crosby Street into a park. This followed years of intense, often hostile and antagonistic, negotiations with the San Diego Unified Port District. Port District officials and commissioners had been adamantly opposed to the notion that a park could be developed in the midst of a maritime industrial area. We were just as adamant! This was the last undeveloped site on the San Diego Bay and as such represented our only chance to reacquire bay access for our community.

Although the two ends have been secured it still remains to fill in the three block gap between the existing park sites. Our mission will not be accomplished until the three block connection has been completed, however it happens and however long it takes. For the CPSC "All The Way To The Bay" is not just a catchy phrase referring to our ambitions rather it represents the community's aspirations and dream that someday such a park will be a vibrant cultural and recreation center for all people to appreciate and enjoy.

In recent years the CPSC has spearheaded the community's campaign to prevent the damage and/or destruction of the murals during the ongoing seismic retrofit project to reinforce the bridge supports in the event of an earthquake. The CPSC is currently involved in mitigation negotiations with CalTrans relative to how the park will be put back together at the conclusion of the retrofit project and what improvements will be made.

Down through the years the CPSC has taken on virtually every level of government except the federal level. We have been victorious at every level. We did not win every single battle but we have won every major community based struggle with which we have gotten involved! Our track record is quite impressive. We are always on the side of right and justice and that is why we are always on the winning side.

The CPSC is a vibrant and seasoned community organization intricately involved with community issues and is here to stay. We also find time to conduct the annual Chicano Park Day Celebrations. Most CPSC members have jobs and families and that makes their dedication to the spirit of Chicano Park even more special. Take a look around Chicano park today. All that you see represents the fruits of our labor for the past 47 years. The Chicano Park Steering Committee: a group of people who dared to share a dream and work to make that dream become a reality.

¡Que viva Chicano Park!

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